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Houston Hi-Tech Events Calendar

The Houston Hi-Tech Events Calendar contains information on numerous Houston IT professional groups with detailed event schedules, upcoming meetings, and continuing education seminars. JDA is committed to helping IT professionals achieve their ultimate career goals, and we are equally dedicated to educating and informing IT professionals about the opportunities within the Houston IT market.

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Jul 7 Sunday
  No events scheduled.
Jul 8 Monday
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Jul 9 Tuesday

12:00pm - 1:00pm
IIBA Houston Chapter
"Standing On The Shoulders of Giants Through Collaboration"
  • Billie Johnson CBAP®, CBA®,PMI-PBA, CSM

    Information and Registration

    Ninety percent of organizations claim to be tackling issues so wickedly complex that they need teams to solve them.  It is difficult to find anyone that would declare that collaboration lacks value to an organization as that response would be deemed unpopular in most organizations today, however what does it mean to “do collaboration”?  Everyone in your organization likely has different ideas about “being collaborative.  This means differing expectations and misunderstandings, resulting in less than optimal experiences.  AND what if collaboration has not been a priority in organizations?  You can be a more valuable resource in your organization by improving collaboration.

    This presentation will address the following points:
  • Overview of benefits of collaboration to debunk the idea of a lone geniuses, but rather the genius is typically standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • Meet the downside of collaboration and arm ourselves against the challenges that will be encountered planning and facilitating collaborative sessions.
  • Actions you can implement to develop a contagious collaborative mindset.

    Learning Objectives:
  • Identify how to make collaboration a priority in your organization
  • Learn how to improve team collaboration as an influencer
  • Understand the downside of collaboration and mitigate collaboration challenges
  • Location: WEBINAR EVENT

    5:30pm - 8:00pm
    Houston PMI North
    Program: "Elements of Risk Management: Insights and Ideas from Prospect Theory and Psychology"
  • Rashid N. Kapadia, PMP

    Information and Registration

    In this talk, Rashid will look at some significant failures in business, international affairs, industry, and finance (Enron, 2008 Financial Crisis, Eisenhower U-2 crisis, Plane Crashes, Cuban Missile Crisis) and argue that these were also failures of risk management.    Rashid will then offer some approaches and new language from Prospect theory and Psychology (the domain of gains, the domain of losses, inattentional blindness, motivated blindness, slippery slope) to better understand and prepare for similar events. He will discuss some of the work of “Decision Making” expert Max Bazerman about the Power of Noticing.  He will discuss some of the work of “Risk & Intuition” expert Gerd Gigerenzer about Intuition and Heuristics. He will also offer solutions from business expert Jim Collins to help leaders, and managers to manage risk better. He will close with an unusual argument that Risk Management is also an Unending Campaign and that it would be most worthwhile for leaders and risk managers to acquire skills in persuasion, (convince, charm, cajole) campaigning, and public speaking.
  • Location: Campioni Italian Restaurant
    13850 Cutten Road
    Houston, TX 77069
    Jul 10 Wednesday

    11:30am - 1:00pm
    Houston Business Crossroads
    Program: "Houston Entrepreneurial Heroes Luncheon"

    Information and Registration

    We've Something Special For You!
    Honoring Houston's individuals and organizations keeping Houston
  • "Startup Capital of the World!"
  • "For the past three years, Houston has created more new companies than any city in America."

    2019 Houston Heroes
    -  Lisa N. Alexander, President, National Association of Women Business Owners
    -  Gary Bledsoe, Acting Dean, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University, Founder, TMSL Legal Entrepreneur Incubator
    -  Gary Bucek, Interim Director, San Jacinto College Small Business Development Center
    -  Liz Lara-Carreno, Outreach Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program
    -  Liz Cloud, President, Federation of Houston Professional Women
    -  Suzan Deison, CEO/President/Founder, Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce
    -  Ilsa Garcia, Chair, National Hispanic Professional Organization
    -  Ro'Vin Garrett, Chair, Houston Area Council American Business Women's Association
    -  W. Carl Glaw, Director, Glo CPAS
    -  Giselle Rodriguez Greenwood, Editor-In-Chief, Houston Business Journal
    -  Loretta Williams Gurnell, Managing Partner, SuperLady Live Movement
    -  Michelle R. Harden, President, Kingdom View, Inc.
    -  Sandra Janak, Immediate Past President, Women Contractors Association
    -  Kelly McCormick, RED Labs Managing Director, University of Houston
    -  Yusef Muhammad, President, SCORE
    -  Judson Robinson III, President & CEO, Houston Area Urban League
    -  Marilyn Sander, Chair, Womens Business Center
    -  Sonia Thomas, President, Houston Crossroads Business Building Breakfast
    -  Phi Tran, Director, Prison Entrepreneurship Program
    -  Carlecia D. Wright, Director, City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity
  • Location: Gallery Furniture
    6006 North Freeway
    Houston, TX

    4:30pm - 7:00pm
    Houston PMI Energy Corridor
    Program: "How Highly Successful Project Managers Become Highly Successful"
  • Jim Ratliff, SCPM

    Information and Registration

    Organizations tend to rely on the same small group of Project Managers for their most important projects. Other PMs often struggle to understand what it takes to become part of that elite group assigned to the best projects. Having been selected as a Project Manager for key projects and been in a position to select Project Managers for key projects, Jim will share his thoughts on traits common to all highly successful Project Managers.  He will also discuss how you can learn and apply these traits quicker than you may think to jump-start your career.
  • Location: Microsoft
    750 Town and Country Blvd., Suite 1000
    Houston, TX 77024

    6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Houston Linux Users Group
    Program: Weekly Meeting
    Location: cPanel
    2550 N Loop W #4006
    Houston, TX 77092
    Jul 11 Thursday

    11:30am - 1:30pm
    ISSA South Texas Chapter
    Program: "Hacking Your Career"
  • Keith Turpin, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Head of Global Infrastructure at Universal Weather and Aviation

    Information and Registration

    his talk will help you take charge of your future and ring success out of every opportunity. Everyone has the potential to achieve great things, but they don't always know how. It is time to get some answers. I am going to share all my lessons learned on the way to becoming a CISO of a billion dollar international company. Whether you are looking to make more money in your current role or to climb the corporate ladder, I will show you how to do it and more importantly, how to avoid the pitfalls along the way. In this candid conversation I will discuss the characteristics of high performers, the secrets of hacking the salary planning process and how to dodge to curse of the Peter Principle. I will also give you important perspectives on changing jobs from effective resume strategies to the three questions you need to ask in an interview and finally how to negotiate any job offer. Think of this as the cheat sheet to kicking your career into high gear.
  • Location: Houston Engineering & Scientific Society (HESS)
    5430 Westheimer Rd
    Houston, TX 77056

    5:00pm - 7:00pm
    Houston ISACA
    Program: "Tackling Adversarial Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models and the Risks Associated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)"
  • James Sayles (CyberSecurity Rockstar!), President and CEO, I3Mation, Inc.

    Information and Registration

    Artificial intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and machine learning (ML) capabilities and use cases are growing at an unprecedented rate. These technologies have beneficial applications, ranging from automating business processes to machine translations to medical image analysis to cybersecurity management in attended and unattended forms. More use cases and business process applications are being developed and can be expected over the long term. Less attention has historically been paid to the ways in which artificial intelligence can be used maliciously.
  • Location: Houston Exponential
    410 Pierce Street
    Houston, TX 77002

    6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Houston .Net Users' Group
    Program: "Refactoring to Good Design using Unit Tests"
  • Assad Siddiqui, Principal Software Consultant, Improving

    Information and Registration

    Apart from catching bugs early, we can use unit testing to make sure we have a better code. This talk would demonstrates how Unit tests could be used as a tool to make code better. This would focus on the “Refactoring” part of Test Driven Development (TDD) and ways to write better tests itself.
  • Location: Improving Houston
    10111 Richmond Ave #550
    Houston, TX 77042

    Improving Houston is right on Richmond Avenue just inside Beltway 8. Plenty of free parking is available in front of the building
    Jul 12 Friday
      No events scheduled.
    Jul 13 Saturday
      No events scheduled.
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