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Articles > Archive - Why Are Your IT Employees Leaving? And What Can You Do About It?
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Archive - Why Are Your IT Employees Leaving? And What Can You Do About It?

By JDA Professional Services, Inc.

Employee turnover is one of the biggest headaches that IT departments face.  Hiring and training employees is expensive and time-consuming.  If you factor in the missed project deadlines, stress, frustration, and decline in employee morale, the cost is even higher.  It is your responsibility as an IT manager is to understand why your employees leave and make an effort to retain them.  Not having a retention plan in place is equivalent to showing your employees the way to the door.  

Why Do IT Professionals Leave?
There are many reasons why employees leave. Surprisingly, it's not the money for most.  Most people move from something, not to something.  In fact, when employees change jobs, they tend to do the same type of work.  They simply do it somewhere else.  

Top 10 Reasons IT Professionals Leave:
• Bad management
• Lack of career advancement or challenging work
• Long commute
• Bad work environment
• Lack of recognition or reward
• Pay/benefits
• Lack of job security
• Lack of training
• A project ended and there is uncertainty about the next assignment
• Too much travel

How Can I Motivate Employees to Stay?
The reasons that employees leave are not the same as why they stay.  The “perks” of your company will get people to come work for you but it’s the manager they work for that typically keeps them there.  A recent study by the Gallup organization reported that employees who have best friends at work are highly motivated to stay as well.  Employees understand that they are accountable for their work, so in return they want more control and independence over their assignments.  In addition, employees like to have continuously increasing levels of responsibility.  They also have a need for reward and recognition when they do something right or complete a project or an important milestone.  Flexible work schedules make it easier for employees to maintain work/life balance which in turn helps keep stress down and morale up.  Workers also value an office environment that fosters a sense of belonging and makes work fun.  

How do I Find New IT Employees in this Competitive Environment?
It's always more cost effective to retain - rather than replace - your current staff.  However, in today’s market where demand for IT workers is increasing exponentially and the labor supply is down considerably, it is almost inevitable that you will have to attract new talent to your organization at some point.  With that being said, we at JDA know that finding the best possible candidates is vital to your department’s success, and being in the IT staffing business since 1981, we realize that the best person for a job isn't always the most available person.  

Because it is so difficult to find quality IT professionals, it is important to take a proactive approach to the recruiting process, meaning that you should start looking for new workers long before you have an urgent need for them.  The best way to do this is to have a partner that specializes in locating and attracting the best possible talent on an ongoing basis, and that is exactly what JDA does for your company.  We continually track and recruit industry professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise in order to ensure that you always have access to superior candidates that can meet your IT staffing needs.

Remember that JDA Professional Services, Inc. is a reliable, effective, and highly knowledgeable IT staffing firm specializing in the recruitment of strategic-technical to executive-level professionals in Houston.  We provide staffing solutions through full-time, contract, and project-based placements.  Since 1981, we have been helping companies build great IT departments while helping IT professionals find the right career opportunities.  Because of our experience, we are the leading provider of industry and career management information for IT managers in the Houston area.  You can find other related articles on our website at or call me directly at 713-548-5444 to discuss your IT hiring needs in detail.  

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