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Archive - New Talent Entering the IT Market

Enrollment is Down, but Demand is Up Once Again for New Graduates with Degrees in the Technology Field

By JDA Professional Services, Inc.

Amid concerns over slowdowns in the technology industry, a new study by the Computing Research Association, a group of more than 200 North American universities and laboratories involved in computer education or research, shows that the number of new undergraduates majoring in computer science dropped by 23% in 2003.  However, the market has been picking up in recent months and demand for new technology grads is once again on the rise.  

Separate studies by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and, both career advice services, report positive signs for new graduates, especially for technology majors.  According to those studies, the number of jobs available for new graduates overall has grown by 12.9% and entry-level salaries are up.
Salaries have increased the most for computer science, information science, systems and management information systems majors.  The average entry-level salary offered to a computer science major jumped 8.9% to $48,656 in the last year.  Information sciences grads salaries increased 2.6% with an average starting salary of $42,108 and management information systems grads starting salaries averaged $41,103, an increase of 1.3%.    

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that computer software engineers and systems analyst will be among the fastest-growing occupations from 2002 to 2012.  Software applications engineering jobs are expected to grow 46% and systems analyst jobs will grow by 39%.  

Given the rate of growth expected for the entire industry, the overall employment outlook is favorable for the technology field, but job opportunities are best for the most skilled IT workers.  Employment growth for more routine work may be hampered by the trend for companies to contract work overseas, where labor costs are lower.  This trend towards off-shoring will primarily impact programmers and computer support specialists.  

Growth among the most highly-skilled workers, such as systems designers, business analyst, business intelligence specialist, systems integration engineers, ERP specialist, CRM specialist, project managers and data warehousing analyst will continue to increase, since designing systems, data storage, analyzing and integrating data is still done domestically.  The demand for these workers will continue to grow, as companies seek to integrate their systems so that they will be compatible with one another and as they make technology a larger part of their strategic business plans.

The need for security and compliance workers will also increase.  Monitoring and preventing security breaches to companies' information systems will be a high priority.  Plus, new legislation requires financial institutions to monitor and report a wider range of activities as protection from fraud, id theft, money laundering, securities violations or other criminal activity.  

New growth will also arise from emerging technologies.  Companies will continue to expand their use of the Internet.  The integration of Internet technology into other systems will give companies a competitive advantage.  In addition, wireless Internet technology will create a strong demand for many new products and services.  

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