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Archive - 'Techno-savvy' temps get ready for '90s careers

'Techno-savvy' temps get ready for '90s careers

By Denise Culver, Houston Business Journal

Other temporary agencies meet the unique demands of employers by focusing only on one specific need. For example, James Del Monte, president of Houston-based JDA Professional Services Inc., founded his company in 1981, after realizing the need for contract, temporary and project information technology specialists.

Today, he has 60 temporaries who specialize in everything from desktop support to network integrations to applications development.

Interestingly, his techo-savvy professionals receive training that is almost opposite to the training received by temporaries in many other agencies. Del Monte trains his "tekkies" in non-technical aspects.

"We really train them on the skills they tend to be weakest in, like customer service training and consultant training," Del Monte says. "My clients were telling me that the employees lacked people skills and an understanding of the internal politics of the corporate world."
He notes that companies are hiring temporaries for longer periods of time.

"Companies are no longer looking at my people as a short-term solution," he says. "They're looking to hire someone for a couple of years, and their selection process has become much more similar to the way in which full-time employees are hired."

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