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Articles > Archive - What Makes a Great Leader in Technology?
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Archive - What Makes a Great Leader in Technology?

The Following Twelve Characteristics Separate Great Leaders from the Ordinary

By JDA Professional Services, Inc.

There's no question that IT organizations need great leaders.  With increasing pressure for companies to implement the latest technology, while increasing productivity and cutting costs, the need for great technology leaders is critical.  Leadership is the most important factor in determining the success of a technology organization.  

Good leaders are everywhere, but what characteristics describe a great leader?  The following twelve characteristics separate great leaders from the ordinary.  

1.  Ability to attract, develop, grow, challenge and retain talented people.
2.  Ability to build and implement IT strategies that are aligned with business goals.
3.  A long-term vision and the ability to provide strategic direction to the entire organization.
4.  Ability to maximize organizational learning and create a high-performance, learning culture.  
5.  Strong communication skills, including the charisma to motivate and inspire others to maximum performance.  
6.  A commitment to continuous individual as well as organizational improvement.  
7.  Ability to effectively contain costs.  
8.  Ability to manage change and risk.  
9.  Ability to partner with external suppliers and consultants.  
10.  A strong financial as well as a strong technical background.  
11.  Ability to understand and work in a global economy.  
12.  A commitment to act responsibly and create an ethical organization.  

JDA Professional Services, Inc. is a full-service IT staffing firm with a focus on full-time, contract and executive search.  JDA works with Houston's top executives and managers to improve organizational performance and productivity.  We can help you put a staffing "game plan" in place to ensure that you achieve your company?s business goals.  For your free strategy session, please contact James Del Monte at 713-548-5444 or by email at jdel (at) jdapsi (dot) com.  

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