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All Good Things About JDA - Client Testimonials

Check out the words of some satisfied clients that have found success through JDA Professional Services, Inc.


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JDA’s candidate screening process is beyond compare within the Houston IT staffing industry. This thorough and well-planned process provides me with the ability to interview multiple candidates at JDA’s facility.  By doing so, I am able to conduct several interviews in less than a day, and without interruptions or distractions that typically occur at my own office.  Not only does this process save valuable time and money, but the candidates that JDA present always fall well within the range of the job requirements.

Additionally, JDA is the subject matter expert for the Houston IT industry.  I find their quarterly newsletters, and industry literature to be extremely helpful and informative.

Engineering and Construction Industry

I have been working with JDA now for about 2.5 years with two different companies that I have been affiliated with. JDA has always provided "top-notch" candidates. Some of the things that draw me back to JDA are:  screening of candidates, their ability to "close the deal" when it comes to completing a transaction and getting the candidate hired, and their professionalism. Finally, they have been available to us basically seven days a week as we are able to contact our consultant anytime because he furnished us with his cell and home phone numbers.

Director of Human Resources and Administration
National Bank

Not a whole lot to add to the outstanding way with which you folks operate.  I appreciate JDA's
modus operandi of screening applicants; sending only qualified folks, doing the reference checks; performing all of the preliminary work with the candidate - and NOT pestering me on the phone constantly.  JDA Professional Services is my premier vendor of choice.

IT Operations Manager
Petroleum Services Company

When we have a staffing need, JDA is always our first choice. We are extremely satisfied with their attention to customer service, expertise, and professionalism.

About three months ago, I had an urgent need to fill a technical position, and upon calling JDA, Demetres was able to find several candidates and schedule interviews within days (not weeks or months) and I hired one of them. No matter what the requirement, we can always count on them to find the right candidate. Their customer service is outstanding, and it doesn’t end after the sale like with other firms.

JDA is one of my top vendors!

IT Network Manager
Construction Firm

Over the past eighteen or so months I have called on JDA several times to help us recruit competent technical professionals to fill open positions in our organization. Initially, JDA representatives came to our facility and interviewed me on the type of organization we were, what are corporate goals were, how our company was performing, what our goals were locally, my views on management/employee relations as well my views on the type on individual that would thrive in this environment. That was it! From that time forward, all it took was a simple phone call and within a few days I would have my pick from several quality candidates. One would think JDA representatives would be satisfied with that... not so. Once I would conclude an interview with a potential candidate I would receive a follow-up call from the JDA representative. The questions were probing to discover what characteristics were less or more important and to help them fine tune their recruiting process. Everyone I have hired through JDA still works with the team and contributed to the success of the team.

Data Center Manager
Applications Software Company

I have been blessed to be gainfully employed by the same organization for more than 3 years now… Great job… Great people…
I have always said since meeting you guys that if I ever needed employment assistance that I was going to come by your office and hibernate at your door until you get me a job to feed my family…

You guys have always presented yourselves in a professional manner and in my communications always valued what is right… That is hard to find in today’s world… You are my company of choice should the need arise for any reason…


Business Applications Manager
Service Provider

To be brief, what we like most about JDA is the way in which you handle our account. You are always very upfront and trustworthy. We believe that JDA offers a professionalism that isn't always found in the recruiting business. We appreciate your respect to our time, by using e-mail as a first and second contact point before calling, all the while being very responsive when we need to talk on the phone. We also found you and your firm to be extremely fair when adverse conditions presented themselves. You guys have definitely won our business.

Team Leader
Business Solutions Provider

I like to deal with JDA because:

Customer service is superior. I always deal with the same person, instead of dealing with a different person each time. There is quite a bit of turnover in the recruiting business and that is frustrating for the customer. JDA knows our business and the players and sends us candidates with the right skill set and the right personality fit. They do not give up either! Also, service does not stop once a candidate is placed. JDA follows up many months after the placement.

Ethics are important. JDA has high ethical standards, another thing you do not always find in the recruiting industry. Candidates know what to expect when they come in for an interview. JDA also follows our company's guidelines as far as recruiting is concerned. I could go on and on.... JDA is one of the few agencies we have a real relationship with.

Human Resources
Marketing Services Group

When my CFO asked me to contact a recruiting firm about staffing 2 critical need positions, I only had to call one firm – JDA Professional Services, Inc.  I knew that James and his staff would be able to find the best qualified candidates since the company has been around for many years, and is considered premier in the industry.  James and several of his staff met with me to understand our needs and corporate culture, and provided great advice based on the salary survey which JDA conducts.  Within a week, I was presented with three highly qualified individuals, and we hired two of them.  The CFO is highly pleased with both individuals as well as the outstanding service provided by JDA Professional Services, Inc.  Plus I looked good in the process!

Senior Recruiter
Engineering and Construction Firm

I often receive your email newsletters and I really admire the great copy and messaging to Employers (especially in the down market).  

Professional Networking Industry

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