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Archive - Turn Yourself into a Great Leader

By JDA Professional Services, Inc, JDA Professional Services, Inc.

Last quarter I emailed an article on "The Successful CIO".  The response and comments were amazing.  Two of the most significant groups of comments were on developing leadership in and out of IT, and producing results as a score card.

There is event coming up on Sept. 12, a half day workshop on Leadership with Lane Sloan, former President of Shell Chemical, and Executive Professor at University of Houston that I will be attending and would recommend.

"Turn Yourself into a Great Leader"
  • Lane Sloan, former CFO of Shell Oil, President of Shell Chemical and Executive Professor at University of Houston


    As a Leadership Mentor and Author of Develop a Leadership Plan: Become a Great Leader, Lane will talk about:
    Discovering what is a great leader that will shift your mindset.
    How developing a value proposition will get people to follow you.
    How to meld your outer and inner world together to deliver great results.
    How to develop your leadership plan as the pathway to becoming a great leader.
    The 10 key steps to developing your actionable leadership plan.

    About Lane Sloan
    Lane's passion is leadership mentoring. His eclectic background includes 29+ years at Shell Oil Company with 15 years in Senior Management, 5 years as an Executive Professor teaching Strategic Leadership, and over a decade as a Silver Fox Advisor. and CEO mentor brings a unique perspective to the real practice of leadership and developing an actionable leadership plan.  He is also the author of two published leadership books.

    Lane graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in Business and an MS in Management Science. He also received an MS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from the University of Houston.

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