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Archive - IT Services Update - Winter 2009

By TechServe Alliance, TechServe Alliance

CLICK HERE to view the TechServe Alliance Winter 2009 IT Contractor Update in PDF format.  

5 Reasons to Choose JDA

JDA is Established: You will reap the benefits that come only from time - lots of experience and a great reputation in the industry.
JDA is Reliable: You will have continual, timely access to all JDA staff members.
JDA is Effective: You will be presented with the right professional matches in the least amount of time using our "industry-best" processes and procedures.
JDA is Knowledgeable: You will be provided with the information necessary to make smart staffing and career decisions in this ever-evolving IT employment market
JDA is Friendly: You will like working with us because we enjoy what we do, and it is reflected in the level of service provided to you.

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