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All Good Things About JDA - Candidate Testimonials

Check out the words of some satisfied candidates that have found success through JDA Professional Services, Inc.


After spending 19 years at a billion dollar regional retail chain, my career had grown in every aspect and across multiple business disciplines. However, I found myself at a cross-road of wanting to seek out an even greater challenge to expand and grow my professional skills, so I contacted John Barth at JDA Professional Services. John provided me with some very valuable counsel on the executive job market and began to prepare me for what would eventually turn out to be the first external career move of my life.

Over the coming months John kept in touch with updates about opportunities and most importantly, began gathering information from me that would eventually prove to be valuable in making a career transition that fit exactly what I was looking for rather than just filling a job opening. One day John called with a potential opportunity that sounded intriguing. The most important point to be made here is that the relationship John and JDA had built with me facilitated the entire series of conversations in what eventually turned out to be one of most important decisions of my life. JDA guided me through every step of the executive search process including negotiating the final terms and closing the deal. Their courtesy, professionalism and execution were flawless. I would recommend JDA to any senior level executive looking for a professional partner to help expand their career and change their life for the better.

As a business executive, I have talked with several search and placement services firms over the past 20 years. JDA is simply the best.

Chief Information Officer
National Retail Firm

JDA provided me with a selection of opportunities that were a best fit to my background. Through the interview process, the screening was a professional and thorough activity that allowed me to explore many options. I was not introduced to positions that did not match my background unless that request came from me. I appreciate the professional atmosphere that JDA presented and enjoyed everyone that I worked with.

Project Manager
National Internet Bank

Within one week of being interviewed by an Account Manager of JDA Professional Services, she had set-up interviews for me with two companies here in Houston. Not only were both companies well known and dominant in their field, but both positions fell directly into my career path. She well versed me on each companies' profiles, as well as preparing me for the interviews. After the interview process completed, I was presented with an offer from each company, presenting me with a choice of which company to choose in order to better and future my career in IT. JDA and its' employees, especially the Account Manager, conducted themselves professionally, quickly, and friendly, responding to my desire to better my career. I owe my better future to JDA Professional Services, Inc.

Network Engineer
Data Management Company

JDA is great! The Senior Account Manager is a blessing! JDA and the employees were very professional and found me a great job. I would tell anyone who is looking for a career move to go through JDA!

Project Leader

I would like to thank your organization, JDA, and namely a few individuals for the work that you have done on my behalf. Even though I did not get a job through your company, I feel like you, and the employees in your organization have gone out of your way to assure me that you were looking out for my best interests when you were searching for jobs for me. You found jobs of substance that best fit my criteria and desires and also kept me informed of the status. You also took the time to get to know me and understand what was important to me instead of just throwing jobs my way and hoping something would stick. The Account Manager was available anytime day or night, work or home, if I ever needed any questions answered. She also gave me sound advice as to what to wear and what questions to ask in the interviewing process. She really represented your company well, especially when I was interviewing for the job with KSA.

Other companies I have dealt with (RHIC, Donovan & Watkins, to name a few) were a waste of my time because they wanted me to appear for an interview in their office, take time-consuming tests, didn't care to find any jobs matching my criteria, and never kept me informed of any openings. Please make sure all of these individuals in your company are recognized for their excellence in service, and keep up the good work as a professional company!

Systems Administrator

I have a lot of respect for you and your firm.  I never hang when your staff calls to check in because back in 2001 they never hung up on me.  2001 was a tough year for many us in the IT industry.  I personally went through three job changes that year. I was elated when Seibel hired me in March of 2001 and deflated when they let all 35 new hires go in mid April.   Picking up the phone to call a prospective employer was a hard task, rejection was common.  The exception was your firm.  I had heard you speak at a HESS club luncheon that year, sent my resume to JDA, and would turn to your web site often for new postings.  When responding to a posting, your staff always gave me hope.  Although my new job did not come from JDA, the hope to get me there did.  I am grateful for that message of hope that you provided me and many others during that tough time.

Managing Consultant

I do not currently live in Houston or actively working with your company, but I wanted to write and say thanks for the resources you have on your website. While someday my family would like to move to the Houston area to be closer to family, the articles and information you make available are helpful to me today! Ever so often, I check to see what IT jobs are available there and recently came across your site and would certainly consider contacting you once I am actively looking. Thanks!

Information Technology Consultant

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the cookbook “Loving Spoonfuls”.  My wife and I have already perused the pages of the new book and have picked out our favorites that we are willing to give a try.  Having once been a Pediatrician in Houston, my wife understands the important role the Covenant House plays within the community and we felt moved that you would bless us with such a gift of giving.

On a side note, I appreciate the opportunities that you and your staff have presented me as a chance for us to strengthen our business relationship.  I expect to only have success in assisting you serve your future clients.  If you ever need anything, please feel free to give me a call directly.  Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.


The JDA account manager was critical to the success of my finding a position that
perfectly fit my skills and career objectives along with the important aspect of a
friendly and fun work environment.

It’s been 19 years and I’m still with the same company.

Business System Architect
Financial Services Industry

Thanks for the very informative presentation yesterday.  I was especially impressed with your interaction with the audience.  Some of your points were useful to me in my interview yesterday as I only had 15 minutes with the President of the company.

Director of Training
Technology Firm

I had heard about your career advising sermon from a number of folks and was fortunate enough to experience it this morning.  Your message was excellent!  The following thoughts stayed with me: the St. Augustine’s quote, plant seeds, hope and change, Matthews 7-8, and most important crystal clear introduction.

Thanks for the great advice.

Global Business Development
Engineering and Technology Industry

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