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Meet the JDA Team

By James Del Monte, JDA Professional Services

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The JDA team is comprised of the most talented information technology recruiting professionals in Houston.  Each member exudes an extraordinary level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and dignity.  With our combined experience, JDA has the team needed to help managers build great IT departments while helping IT professionals find the right career opportunities.  Meet our members...

James Del Monte, CERS, CPC - President
From modest beginnings in 1981, James Del Monte founded JDA Professional Services, Inc., which today is one of Houstonís leading IT staffing firms, according to the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants (TAPC).  Over his career, James has helped hundreds of companies build great IT departments by finding key individuals and providing excellent strategies for employee retention.  In addition, he has helped thousands of professionals find great IT careers through direct placements and by providing valued advice and guidance. In November 2007, James joined an elite group of professionals becoming a Certified Employee Retention Specialists (CERS).  

James was a past board member of TAS (Texas Association of Staffing) and was a past-President of the Board for TAPC and is also a board member of the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses (NACCB).  He is a former president of the Houston chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) and a founding member of the Open Door Education Foundation which provides scholarships to IT students.  In 2006, he was awarded the TAPC community service award for his commitment to the community and charitable contributions.

As part of his commitment to the advancement of IT training in Houston, James is a regular speaker at various colleges/universities, trade groups, and job ministries, and he is often quoted as a subject matter expert for the IT staffing industry.  Additionally, James serves on the advisory board of the technology departments at the University of Houston-Downtown, Westwood College, and ITT Technical Institute.

Tiffany Rodriguez-Bolton
Oracle Practice Lead
Tiffany is many companies preferred, go-to IT recruiter when an IT need arises.  She truly love what she does and it shows in her work, ability to deliver and great reputation. Tiffany's average resume presented to placement ratio is 3:1 compared to the industry average of 7:1. For close to 10 years, she's been a specialist in solely the IT market with extensive experience in all areas of IT and an emphasis in Oracle technologies, she successfully placed exceptional full time and contract IT talent from a network that only she has access to (and most firms do not) because of her strong reputation in the marketplace, having a natural skill to gain trusted relationships that has been built over the years from honesty, integrity, open/constant communication and her ability to make the best fit by taking the time to truly understand business and personal goals when it comes to client and candidate needs.  She's a reliable resource with knowledge of most Oracle companies in the nation and she has trusted relationships built with top IT executives and professionals throughout the US.†

Tiffany's goal is to not only partner with clients to help them locate and retain top IT professionals but also partner with candidates to help them advance their career and skills. She's also on the board as an officer for the Houston Oracle User Group and the only recruiter allowed on the board.  Let her know if you would like more information on the group and becoming a member.†

Erika Strom, PHR - Human Resources Manager
A member of the JDA family since September 2002, Erika brought with her a wide array of valuable skills to include, her former service in the United States Air Force in addition to her work in the civilian records division of the Spokane, Washington Police Department.

With the combined experience of over 23 years in office administration and human resources, Erika handles a variety of responsibilities at JDA to include but not limited to, the design, plans, and implementation of HR programs and policies, the recruitment and training of employees, and reviewing and recommending resumes for future hire all while supervising a group of human resources and administrative professionals.

In addition, Erika is involved in the Houston Chapter of the "Warriors 4 Life" program with the Lone Star Veterans Association and is a member of HR Houston, which is a non-profit professional organization, dedicated to the advancement of human resource management.

Alan Ecton - Accountant
Alan joined the JDA family in 2006 as Accounting/Finance Manager.  Prior to joining JDA, Alan worked for 24 years as a CPA for Houston Industries (Reliant Energy) in addition to 5 years as a high school teacher.  

Beth Moran - Research Assistant
No Photo available
Beth joined JDA in 2003.  As the lead researcher, she helps the Practice Leads in finding qualified candidates for their clients. Our practices consist of: Executive, Oracle, SAP, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure, Software Programming (sharepoint, .net, etc), and the many varied positions that fill these practices.

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