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Houston IT Staffing Services

A comprehensive listing of JDA's services.

By JDA Professional Services, Inc.

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Typical Staffing Options

JDA Professional Services Inc has been creating customized IT staffing solutions for Houston companies for more than twenty years. Our enormous pool of industry connections ensures that you’ll have access to the most talented professionals in the market. Our range of services offerings are designed to meet your changing business needs, usage patterns, budget and provide you with the control and flexibility that you require.

Our suite of value-added services includes:

Full-time, direct hire staffing – we’ll save you time and money by taking candidates through the full life-cycle of direct-hire recruiting from sourcing, to interviewing, all the way through the compensation negotiation and hiring process. This option allows you to find “hidden” talent that is generally not actively looking for another position. We’ll use our extensive network to search the marketplace, including your competitors, to find and pro-actively recruit the top talent you want for your long-term needs.

Contract staff – contract professionals provide you with the speed and flexibility that you sometimes require to meet your changing business demands. Our contract staff can fill your short-term or long-term positions and you only pay them for the hours worked. Their familiarity with various business environments helps to jump-start your projects. All of our contract staff are on our payroll and we provide them with a comprehensive benefits package including medical, 401K, and training.

Contract-to-Hire – you may prefer to bring new staff in on a contract basis to evaluate their performance before you decide to hire them. Once you’ve selected a candidate, we’ll put them on our payroll for a specific time period so that you can evaluate their performance in your work environment. If your plans change, you are under no obligation to hire full-time.

Consulting – when you have a special technology need that requires an outside resource, we’ll assist you with a dedicated consultant to solve your business or technology problem and move your plans forward.

Special projects – this option allows you to meet the peak workload demands of a special project without the cost and delay of hiring permanent employees. This way your internal IT staff can focus on the ongoing demands of your organization, while you delegate project tasks to our professional staff. We can provide project managers to direct the entire project or strategic technical staff to be managed by your internal project managers. Fees for project deliverables can be billed on a fixed cost or per hour basis to meet your needs. Our project teams ensure that results are delivered on-time and within your budget.

Payrolling Service – this gives you access to the staff you need without impacting your payroll. We assume the costs, liability and risk of using contractors, by becoming the employer of record. You can utilize independent contractors, part-time workers, interns or former employees, including retirees while we cover costly payroll, taxes, workers’ compensation and unemployment.

Whatever the business challenge, we’ll provide you with a strategic staffing solution. We’ll take ownership of the entire process so you can focus on your core business. From analysis, to design, selection, hiring, implementation and closure, we’ll deliver complete staffing solutions that ensure your business is a success.

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